Here are my current cars for sale. Call me to find out if they are still available.


FEBRUARY 16  2018

2001 Subaru Outback Wagon, AWD, AT, 146k, $2900

1999 Subaru Legacy, AWD, AT, 173K, $1900....From Oreg  -SOLD-

2002 Toyota RAV4 small SUV 4dr, 5spd , 158K, $4400

1998 Toyota Camry Sedan, AT, 180K, $1700

2006 Subaru Forester Wagon, AT, 123K, $5400

2002 Nissan Sentra Sedan, 4dr, AT, 118K

2003 Toyota Matrix Wagon, AWD, 4dr, AT,  49K, $6500.


All are 4 cylinder.  Money back warranty-- If Not Satisfied--.









If you don't see anything that you like here, check out my WORKS IN PROGRESS for cars that should be ready for sale soon.