If you drive, then you have had to buy a car. Unless you’ve bought a car from me, then you no doubt have a method to the madness that is finding a vehicle. No matter how or from whom you buy your vehicles, my process does not even put me in the same conversation. Here’s how it works. I buy cars and recondition them one at a time. I focus on reconditioning Japanese cars from the years 1996 - 2006. If you look at the cars I’ve sold recently, you'll notice a lot of Geo/Chevy Prizms. These cars are mechanically 100% Toyota Corolla parts.

I know these cars. I like these cars. I do not have a used car lot with flags and come ons, or a request list. My “inventory” changes often and I generally have fewer than five cars here at the same time. It is all about personal service and finding you the right vehicle.

That’s about as “used car cliche” as I get, except for this:

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s my process: if you are looking for a used car in Western Massachusetts and you call me, we are going to have a conversation. Are you buying or selling? What is your price range? What are you going to use this car for? This conversation may or may not result in my selling you a car. That is perfectly fine with me. Actually, you can call me even if you are not looking for a car. The information you get from me might even result in helping you find a car somewhere else at another time or place. Perhaps you have a friend that might need a vehicle in the future.

Because I only work on a couple of cars at a time, I often do not have what you want or need in a used car. Yes, I do sell used cars in Western Mass. I wouldn’t call Rimbach’s Auto a used car dealer, though. Used car dealers in the Northampton, Massachusetts area are no different from used car dealers in Greenfield, or used car dealers in Amherst. The system is pretty much the same everywhere. Used car dealers get their inventory a number of different ways, but the most common method is to take cars in trade, or purchase used cars at auction. They then move the car through a process that results in a vehicle that can be set out on a lot for display. Owners, mechanics, sales people and perhaps someone to help with financing all have a hand in getting this car to where you can see it.

I don’t have a sales quota or a “team.” I am a one man band. I’m a fully licensed professional that has been in business for more than 40 years.



I buy and sell used Toyotas, used Geo Prizm cars, used Mazda cars, used Honda cars and used Subaru cars. I'm always looking for cars close to home in the Northampton and Greenfield area.