As you know, you can call me any time to see what I have or what I need or to just talk about cars in general. Email works OK, but from time to time I'd like to be able to contact you to tell you what I have, but more importantly, what I need. I don't expect to do this more than a few times a year and if you don't want to get the email you can unsubscribe pretty easily. I've made just the email and name required so the message has your name on it. Not necessary or that sincere, but I think it is a nice touch. Address and phone are optional. 

I do not nor will I ever share this information with anyone.


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I buy and sell used Toyotas, used Geo Prizm cars, used Mazda cars, used Honda cars and used Subaru cars. I'm always looking for cars close to home in the Northampton and Greenfield area.